Tuartek, Inc. provides professional services aiming the protection of onshore, offshore and atmospheric structures from corrosion, preventive anti-corrosion applications, and enhancement of their lifetimes.

Cathodic protection

It’s a method that provides anti-corrosion protection for structures which continuously reside in electrolytic environments. It can mainly be applied to onshore pipelines as well as underground and aboveground storage tanks, quays and ports, submarine pipelines, oil platforms and concrete reinforcements for protection purposes. Tuartek, Inc. performs the deeds such as designing galvanic or impressed current cathodic protection systems, diagnosing and solving the AC and DC interference problems in pipelines, installation, measurement, assessment and reporting, commissioning, and periodical maintenance.

Painting and Coating

Painting and coating are corrosion protection methods which have a wide range of application. They can be applied to protect the industrial value of all metallic structures or improve their aesthetic appearance. However, if not applied properly, they may lose their function in a short period.

Tuartek, Inc. is ready to offer solutions concerning the selection of proper coating material, its qualification and application.


We can help your firm with corrosion problems mainly concerning literature search and academic consultancy as well as reporting, guidance, and preparing, reviewing, and confirming technical documents.

Planning, material selection and project design

We can realize planning, material selection and procurement, testing and qualifying works to determine the most efficient protection and application method for your structures.

Production and installation

We can provide best quality installation and commissioning services with our experienced staff.

Independent inspection, Commissioning tests

We can carry out the quality control procedures for your ongoing projects within international standards.

Field Service Applications, CIPS and DCVG tests, AC and DC Interference Solutions

We can help you assess the current condition of structures and the operation of CP systems, diagnosing –if any– the problems and providing solutions.

R & D

We can undertake the implementation and observation of short and long term test and experiments concerning corrosion.

CP Simulations

We can determine the efficacy of CP systems through implementation of simulation methods.