• TANAP (Trans Anatolian Pipeline) Project is mainly an onshore natural gas project, which spans from Kars to Edirne on a route of approximately 1850 km and consists of the following structures:

• 19 km offshore (double pipeline),

• Compressor stations,

• Test Posts.

As Tuartek, we provide consultancy and inspection services for the project. Within this scope, we carry out the following activities:

• Reviewing project documents, including design reports, technical specifications and drawings, and providing consultancy services,

• Inspection of the installation of the temporary and permanent cathodic protection systems,

• Attending to periodical measurements, CIPS, DCVG test and commissioning works,

• Providing academic consultancy.


STAR Refinery

In Star Refinery project, we undertake the cathodic protection of offshore and onshore structures.

Our offshore cathodic protection activities aim to protect the ports (quays) from corrosion through galvanic cathodic protection systems. In line with this purpose, the project design, production and offshore installation of the cathodic protection system anodes of the pillars has been accomplished by Tuartek, Inc.

For onshore structures, the cathodic protection system of underground pipelines has been designed in accordance with Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP). The installation, testing, and commissioning of ICCP system has been undertaken by Tuartek and the project is still ongoing.


PETKIM Container Port Project

Tuartek, Inc. undertakes the planning, procurement, installation and commissioning of the cathodic protection system required for the pillars of port structure that has been built within the scope of the PETKIM Container Port project in Aliaga, Izmir. One of the two ports of the project has been completed and commissioned, and the works in the other port are still ongoing.


EGE Refinery Project

Tuartek, Inc. undertakes the planning, design, installation and commissioning of the cathodic protection system within the scope of SPE & CW works of the EGE Refinery Project.